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Christianities of the Global South

Arguably, there is no better illustration of globalization's "flattening" of the world and the corresponding promises and challenges that confront issues of diversity in this context than the example afforded by Christianity. The future of Christianity resides neither in Europe nor the United States but in Africa, South America, and Asia. The numbers are staggering: while 1% of the world's Christians lived in sub-Saharan Africa in 1912, by 2012 that number is 24%. On any given Sunday, more Presbyterians attend services in Seoul than in Scotland. This symposium will explore the implications of these realizations and what they mean for the future of both "Christianities" and the "Global South."

The Symposium

Saturday March 2, 2013
Great Room, Ambler Johnston Hall


9:00 am Complimentary Breakfast & Welcome
10:00 am First Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by Prof. Brian Britt, Dept. of Religion and Culture
Noon Complimentary Lunch
1:30 pm Second Roundtable Discussion
Moderated by Prof. Ananda Abeysekara, Dept. of Religion and Culture
3:30 pm Concluding Remarks
Prof. Peter Schmitthenner, Chair of the Dept. of Religion and Culture

Attendance is free & open to the public but please RSVP to Prof. Nicole Ni.



Ananta Giri, Madras Institute of Development Studies, India
Sharleen Mondal, Department of English, Ashland University
Robert Blunt, Department of Religious Studies, Lafayette College
Courtney Handman, Department of Anthropology, Reed College
Elina Hartikainen, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Chicago
Weihua Li, Department of Sociology, Peking University, China

As well as various scholars from the Departments of History, Religion and Culture, Sociology, Political Science, and others at Virginia Tech...


Sponsored by the Dept. of Religion and Culture, CLAHS Diversity Committee, and CLAHS DACII.