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    China - Summer 2015

    CLAHS 2014-2015 Faculty-led Education Abroad Program, Summer 2015

    Virginia Tech in China - language, history, and culture: study and internships

    This five-week program provides classes in Mandarin Chinese, contemporary history, and culture at one of China’s top-ranked institutions, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in Hefei. Additionally, there will be short internships at Chinese companies, and guided excursions to Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, and Yellow Mountain. Students earn a total of 9 credits,  consisting of 3 in Mandarin, 3 in history, and 3 in culture. Faculty leaders are Helen Schneider (History) and Paul Hover (University Libraries). Application deadline: February 14, 2015. Program dates: July 5-August 12, 2015. Program dates: July 5-August 12, 2015. Website:  Contact: Zhange Ni (Religion and Culture) at

    Sri Lanka -- Summer 2013

    In summer 2011, the College of Liberal Arts and the Department of Religion and Culture of Virginia Tech signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Sri Lankan International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) to begin an exchange program of students (and possibly faculty as well in the future) between the two institutions. The initial plan of the program is for students to travel to Sri Lanka and spend about two and half months in the Kandy highlands (the last royal capital of Sri Lanka), studying religion and culture at SIBA. At SIBA students will take two classes--one on Buddhism and culture and one on Pali and Sinhalese languages—each twice a week and will earn 6 credit hours. In addition, in exchange for free tuition and fees, students will teach English to Buddhist monks and nuns and lay students once a week. For this service learning aspect, they will also receive another 3 credit hours, all totaling 9 credit hours. In summer 2011, four students already travelled to Sri Lanka and studied at SIBA for two months. We aim to repeat this student experience in Summer 2013

    Please see the flyer or contact Prof. Peter Schmitthenner for more information.

    REL 2954: Exploring and Engaging a Multi-Religious World

    Intensive, two-week study abroad course that explores the interaction of religious traditions and groups in a non-US, non-European country and provides students with background readings; on-site visits, lectures, and discussions; and a service learning experience in that culture (3H, 3C).

    2014: Guatemala/ El Salvador? (mid May-early June 2014?)

    (More information will be posted as plans are made.
    To register your interest in learning more, contact Dr. Malbon.)

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