Department of Religion and Culture


Name Title Specialty Phone E-mail
Britt, Brian Professor,
Department Chair
Religion & Literature, Hebrew Bible, & Critical Theory 231-5118 bbritt(at)
Abeysekara, Ananda Associate Professor Modernity, Postcolonial Religion 231-5788 ananda(at)
Ansell, Aaron Visiting Assistant Professor Cultural Anthropology 231-0491 aansell(at)
Dresser, Zachary Visiting Assistant Professor Civil War, Religion and American lLife 231-6366 zdresser(at)
Fine, Elizabeth Professor
African American Folklore, Performance, Appalachian Studies 231-9593 bfine(at)
Fung, Kathleen Instructor Medieval & Early Modern Studies -- kfung(at)
Gabriele, Matthew Associate Professor Medieval & Early Modern Studies 231-2293 mgabriele(at)
Gross, Rachel Visiting Assistant Professor Judaic Studies, American Religious History -- rbgross(at)
Hahn, Elizabeth Instructor Appalachian Studies 231-0610 bchancey(at)
Hufford, Mary Research Scientist Appalachian Studies   mhuff52(at)
Kauffman, Robin Instructor Appalachian Studies 231-0610 rkauffma(at)
Laney, Jordan Instructor Appalachian Studies   jlaney(at)
Malbon, Elizabeth Struthers Professor New Testament 231-6112 malbon(at)
Martin, Richard Visiting Scholar Islamic Studies 231-7062 martinrc(at)
Murty, Madhavi Assistant Professor Cultural Theory, South Asia 231-0424 mmurty(at)
Ni, Zhange "Nicole" Assistant Professor Religion & Culture in Asia 231-1823 nizhange(at)
Puckett, Anita Associate Professor, Director of Appalachain Studies Linguistic Anthropology, Appalachian Studies 231-9526 apuckett(at)
Roberts, Janene Senior Instructor Humanities and the Arts 231-7004 janene(at)
Rothgery, Eric Instructor Religion and Culture in Asia -- eroth1(at)
Saffle, Michael Professor Musicology, Music in Film 231-6080 msaffle(at)
Satterwhite, Emily Associate Professor American Studies, Appalachian Studies 231-8779 esatter(at)
Schmitthenner, Peter Associate Professor South Asian History 231-8377 pschmitt(at)
Schnitzer, Marcy Instructor Cultural & Social Theory 231-6630 mhs(at)
Scott, Rachel Associate Professor Islamic Studies 231-4848 rmh(at)
Steer, Christine Instructor     cygnet(at)
Taylor, Betsy Research Scientist Appalachian Studies -- betsyt(at)
Taylor, Reed Instructor     rtaylor2(at)
Vance, Jane Instructor South Asian Art, Tibetan Buddhist Art and Culture -- jlvance(at)