Department of Religion and Culture

Graduate Programs

Certificate Program

ASPECT, or the Alliance for Social Political Ethical and Cultural Thought, fosters an engagement between domains of inquiry often separated by the disciplinary confines that accompanied the 19th Century institutionalization of the modern research university. Through its teaching and research programs, ASPECT links together the theoretical tools generated by ethical thought, cultural studies, political economic analysis, critical social and political theory as these have been articulated in various disciplines, subdisciplines and fields.

MA in Material Culture &
Public Humanities

Material culture is the study of material or physical objects, as well as the placement of those objects in critical, theoretical and historical perspectives as the products of distinct cultures. Public humanities bridges the divide between academia and the public by encouraging dialogue between scholars and communities on cultural and social issues.




Graduate Certificate in
Religious Studies

The Certificate in Religious Studies is a 9-credit program for graduate students interested in the academic study of religion.